Animal Biosa Pet

Treat your pets the natural way

Feed supplement for pets

100 % organic

Contains no toxins, colourings or preservatives


Can be purchased 500ml and

3 liter bag-in-box

Animal Biosa Pet


Animal Biosa Pet benefits the digestion through supporting

a well balanced microbiota

An optimum development of the gut microbiota is essential to establishing a strong foundation for the animal.

Animal Biosa Pet is a liquid herbal product fermented with lactic acid bacteria, which can exert positive effects in the animal and it´s environment.

About Animal Biosa Pet


Animal Biosa Pet is produced from organic herbs that are fermented with lactic acid bacteria cultures. The fermentation gives the product a fresh scent, which is caused by the products low pH-value, and it functions as a natural preservation method.

Animal Biosa Pet contains no toxins, coloring or preservatives

More about how to use it

Application guidelines

½-1 ml/kg body weight daily
Cat                         2,5 - 5 ml
Little dog                 5 - 10 ml
Medium dog          10 - 15 ml
Big dog                  15 - 30 ml


Furthermore, Animal Biosa Pet can be used directly on the animal and in the animal´s surroundings, also the ears and anally to remove odor nuisance.

Avoid spraying directly on the eyes. All surfaces in the animal‘s local environment can also be sprayed:

- furred animals/birds/reptiles
- cages/terrariums/aquariums
- cat litter boxes
- dog baskets/blankets
- tiles/carpets

Quality control

Animal Biosa Pet is produced by Biosa Danmark, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. The ingredients, which are used in Animal Biosa Pet, are all approved for use in food products, and the product is under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

If you have questions about Biosa Pet,

call Lene

phone 0045 4777 2270

Our customer says:

"Animal Biosa Pet is

common sense and respect

for animals and environment"


- Marianne Bløndal, Kennel Pimpernel's


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