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biological cleaning solution

For all types of animal husbandry

​100 % organic

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Biosa Air is an organic, natural and gentle biological sanitizing agent based on lactic acid bacteria and herbs, which leaves a fresh odor, to the benefit of both the animal and its surroundings

It is important to have balance in the microbial environment surrounding the animals. If there is an imbalance in the microbial environment, it is easy for putrefaction organisms to cultivate in organic material, which results in, hazardous odor for both humans and animals.

You can create a good stable environment with Biosa Air, which contains a combination of microorganisms and organic herbs. The product is mixed with water and sprayed directly onto all surfaces around the animal.

About Biosa Air


When the odor source is showered with Biosa Air, a long range of volatiles and ammonia is bound in the fluid. The bacterial production of organic acids provides a lower pH-value, and the acidic environment prevents putrefaction in the organic matter and harmful gasses and volatile nitrogen compounds.

Biosa air can:

- Inhibit the formation of a wide range of volatiles, many of which are potent odorants

- Reduce odor emission 

- Make the air suitable for inhalation and improve the indoor climate for humans and animals 

- Decrease ammonia volatilization by increasing the turnover rate of the ammonias conversion to ammonium      particles


Biosa Air is mixed with water immediately before use and is sprayed directly on all surfaces in the animals immediate surroundings.

Quality Control


Biosa Air is produced by Biosa Danmark ApS, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. All the ingredients in Biosa Air are approved for use in food products, and the product is under constant bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

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