Biosa Lotion

Unique skin care with organic Aloe Vera,

cold-pressed oils and Vita Biosa

Organic Aloe Vera and clean, cold-pressed oils

Free of parabens

Skin friendly, low pH

For both men and women


Can be purchased in 150 ml

Biosa Lotion


Nurturing your skin with Biosa Lotion - unique skincare

with organic Aloe Vera, cold pressed oils,

Vita Biosa and organic MSM

Biosa Lotion is a unique lotion that aims to provide natural skincare. Biosa Lotion indulges your skin, and can be used as part of your daily skincare, such as moisturizing and skincare after sunbathing and shaving legs and face.

Can be used for both normal and problematic skin.

About Biosa Lotion

Biosa Lotion contains natural ingredients in form of organic Aloe Vera, pure cold-pressed oils combined with Vita Biosa and organic MSM. It also contains shea butter and vitamin E.

Biosa Lotion has a pH value around 5,0.

Vita Biosa is a herbal extract of 19 different herbs and 8 different lactic acid cultures and lactic acid. Lactic acid plays a part in the skins natural defense mechanism, and possesses moisturizing regulatory qualities. Due to its ability to stabilize the skin´s pH-value, it can also be found on the skin and surface of animals and plants. Read more about Vita Biosa

Aloe Vera is used throughout the world as a skin care substance and is by no means a recent discovery. All the way back to the antiquity, Aloe Vera was used for skincare, and even Cleopatra herself called Aloe Vera ”The green healer”. Aloe Vera is widely used for its calming effect on the skin and for regulating the moisture balance of the skin.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethan) is a biologically active organic sulfur compound. MSM works as a carrier, which assists the substances in penetrating the skin layers. MSM occurs naturally in the environment. It is present in rainwater, and is absorbed by plants. Small amounts of MSM can be found in fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.


More about using it


Biosa Lotion can be used for your daily skincare and for regenerating and nurturing of both normal and problematic skin. Can be used for skin irritation, dry and cracked skin and when having insect stings.


A good way to care for your skin is to ensure a fairly low pH-value, which is the natural state of our skin. Use products with a relatively low pH, like Biosa Lotion. The low pH creates a healthy environment for the lactic acid bacteria, which lives on your skin as a part of your natural defense.



Biosa Lotion is produced for Biosa Danmark by the Danish company Urtegaarden ApS, who are known for their natural and organic products.

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