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Biosa's Founder

A life-long search for sustainable solutions

About our founder

Erik Nielsen was an organic farmer whose search for sustainable technologies in organic agriculture lead him on the trail of the inconspicuous, but indispensable microorganisms.


In 2002 he founded Biosa Danmark and began to share his findings with the world at large, however his passion for working with the fermentation of microorganisms started in 1994 when he realized the vast array of useful properties, and became convinced of the positive effects.​

“I could see that the microorganisms gave new life in an effective and sustainable way, so I decided to investigate and research them. The goal was to develop products with microorganisms, which were both organic, effective and sustainable."

Erik's passion for microorganisms lives on in Eli Nielsen, Erik's oldest son and the current CEO of Biosa ApS.

"It fascinated me, that the growth and strength of plants could be increased considerably by adding microorganisms to the soil"
- Erik Nielsen, Founder

Today, Biosa is a global entity that makes products for people, animals, agriculture, and the environment, which are sold in over 20 countries around the world.

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