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Our certifications

Having a holistic and sustainable approach to health and the environment has never been more important. It was the founding principle of our company, and remains just as important to us today. At Biosa, our focus on quality and sustainable solutions permeates all aspects of the organization, and in the manufacturing of our many products we use exclusively vegan and organic ingredients from nature.


ISO 9001-certification


Quality is at the core of our company and we strive to continuously optimize our processes to increase the efficiency of our work. At Biosa, we have a high focus on effective management of our quality through all parts of our organization, and have therefore chosen to become ISO certified.

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Organic certifications


Biosa was founded on the principles of the organic movement and therefore all our products are made for both humans, animals and soil using exclusively organic ingredients. Our production methods are also continuously optimized to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

See the organic certifications for our food products:

See the organic certifications for our other products:

Authority control


Biosa is monitored by the Danish food authorities.

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We are registered with the Vegan Society, which is the world's oldest vegan association. At Biosa we support the work of the association, and want to ensure that our customers know all of our products are completely free of animal ingredients.

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