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Who are we?

Erik Nielsen

Chairman of the Board

Erik Nielsen founded Biosa in 2001 and is the chairman of the company. Erik was also one of the pioneers behind the organic legislation in Denmark and has continuously driven forward with the desire to innovate sustainable progression.

Eli Dollerup Nielsen


Eli is the CEO of Biosa Danmark and is responsible for the operation of the company, as well as the implementation of the company´s strategies and objectives, which are defined in cooperation with the company´s board. Eli is furthermore the eldest son of founder Erik Nielsen

Customer service and sale

Lene Overgaard

Product Coordinator

Lene is an agronomist and caretaker of customer advisement and support regarding Biosa’s products with specialization in products designed for animals and feed. Furthermore, Lene works as a professional coordinator for the development and preparation of product information as well as a liaison with the authorities regarding approvals etc.

David Bennetzen

Communication Coordinator

David is in charge of developing and implementing the strategic communication of the company, both internal and externally. He is also responsible for developing marketing materials and to expand the company’s online presence through websites and social media.

Kirsten J. Andersen

Marketing Coordinator

Kirsten coordinates the sales and marketing efforts of the human products, and is also involved with customer service and logistics.


Anne Bay

QA - RD Coordinator

Anne is working with the quality control and product optimization of all products


Jørgen Olsen

Warehouse Operative

Jørgen is in charge of bottling all of our products and controls the product flow in accordance with orders coming in.

Monica Moore

Production Manager

Monica is in charge of the compositional production and fermentation of the Biosa products before bottling

Eilif Neydig

Warehouse Operative

Eilif is responsible for packaging and shipping procedures at our storage in Frederiksvaerk. He is also involved in the planning of and management of inventory logistics


Kirsten Rohde Petersen

Accounting Manager

Kirsten is responsible for the entire accountant operation and maintains oversight over Biosa Internationals wholesalers and international daughter companies.


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