Erik Nielsen

We have to find the sustainable solutions

Effective and sustainable

with microorganisms

Erik Nielsen founded Biosa Danmark and Biosa International in 2001. His passion for working with the fermentation of microorganisms began in 1994, when he became aware of the vast array of properties of microorganisms. He quickly became fascinated and convinced of the positive effects of microorganisms.​

"It fascinated me, that the growth and strength of

plants could be increased considerably by adding microorganisms to the soil"



At that time Erik Nielsen was an organic farmer, and it was his search for sustainable technologies for organic agriculture that lead him on the trail of the inconspicuous, but indispensable microorganisms.

“I could see that the microorganisms gave new life in an effective and sustainable way, so I decided to investigate and research them. The goal was to develop products with microorganisms, which were both organic, effective and sustainable.”

Eriks passion and endurance became Biosa Danmark and Biosa International, and today we produce products for humans, animals, agriculture, and the environment, which are sold in over 30 countries around the world. Through all these years, ecology and sustainability have played a major role.


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