Our company is deeply committed to health and the environment. We are fascinated by nature and the solutions it offers. We believe that we can live well and far more sustainable by using nature's own innovations. We are passionate about spreading some of these solution...

A fermentation is an ancient invention! People have preserved foods for generations before refrigerators and preservatives were invented.
In short, a fermentation with lactic acid bacteria is a process in which the lactic acid bacteria, for example, converts sugars i...

Lactic acid bacteria are microorganisms that live everywhere in nature and in ourselves, such as on the skin and in our intestines. Here they perform a number of tasks.
In short, lactic acid bacteria converts carbohydrates into lactic acid and other substances, such...

See how others drink Vita Biosa: Drink a little shot every day (20-30 ml) at the time of day that suits you best.
It is easy to take Vita Biosa, because it doesn't need to be taken at a certain time of the day or in a certain way. There are probably as many way of us...

It is the combination of lactic acid bacteria and herbs, as well as the substances that are formed during the fermentation, that makes Vita Biosa so unique.

Vita Biosa is fermented with 19 different herbs and when the lactic acid bacteria (8 cultures) converts the added...

Vi er meget stolte af at kunne præsentere Vita Biosa i et helt nyt design - med et rent og nordisk udseende, der udtrykker hvem vi er, og hvor vi kommer fra. Selve produktet det samme som det hele tiden har været; nemlig en drik med mælkesyrebakterier og urter.


Lactic acid bacteria perform a vast array of functions in our life and the world, which surrounds us. They are part of nature´s delicate ecosystems, which ensure life, growth, conversion of organic material and composting. But when nature has such an omnipresent system...

Lene Hansson bruger Vita Biosa i sin madlavning, og hun har udviklet en række opskrifter med Vita Biosa. Brug opskrifterne, der omfatter både dressinger, lækre salater og fermenterede grøntsager og få et dagligt tilskud af mælkesyrebakterier gennem din kost.

"Vita Biosa...

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Fermented herbs promote more resilient and sustainable dairy farming

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