Vita Biosa fermenteret drik med mælkesyrebakterier

Try our fermented drink Vita Biosa and get a fresh start. Provides a daily dose of lactic acid bacteria, fermented herbs and more

Biosa Lotion

Our unique lotion, based on Vita Biosa, Aloe Vera and organic MSM. Entirely without parabens and artificial additives.

Biosa Pet hund
Biosa Pet

Take care of your pet with Biosa Pet. Provides microbial balance and also serves as a natural deterrent

Biosa Horse

Use Biosa Horse, with fermented herbs. Supports the feed uptake and digestive system.

Biosa Apis produkt med mælkesyrebakterier til bier
Biosa Apis

Spray your beehives with our organic Biosa Apis. Based on organic herbs, and entirely without toxins. Can also be used instead of smoke.

Økologisk havejord med mikroorganismer Biosa Garden
Biosa Garden

Use Biosa Garden for your gardening needs. Organic biostimulant, which improves the microbial composition in the soil and around your plants


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