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Quality-assurance policy

Quality is at the heart of our production

About our quality-assurance policy

Our goal is to ensure that we provide high quality sustainable products that our customers are satisfied with, and that creates value for our customers.

At Biosa ApS, we develop, produce and sell products based on microorganisms.

The company is managed from the address Sonnerupvej 41, 3300 Frederiksværk.


We understand quality as the customers' overall experience of our work, including that:


  • We act quickly and professionally when customers or other stakeholders contact us

  • We ensure, as much as possible, that the products we deliver are the best possible solution for the customer's needs

  • We deliver on time in agreed quality and quantity

  • We ensure that our organization has the necessary competencies and framework

  • We ensure active cooperation in and between the departments


In a competitive market, customers' demands and expectations are constantly changing and increasing. We are therefore committed to continuously updating and further developing workflows, attitudes and competencies.

We set concrete goals that show the extent to which we live up to our quality policy and objectives.

We are obliged to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Sonnerup 5. august 2020

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