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Why use lactic acid bacteria?

Lactic acid bacteria perform a vast array of functions in our life and the world, which surrounds us. They are part of nature´s delicate ecosystems, which ensure life, growth, conversion of organic material and composting. But when nature has such an omnipresent system, why is still necessary to use products with lactic acid bacteria?

It is necessary, because our modern way of life takes its toll on the natural occurrence of bacteria and on the ecosystems. The way, which we continuously seek to optimize our life often lead to use of toxins, artificial substances and sterile environments, which the bacteria and ecosystems are vulnerable to. It is therefore necessary to supply lactic acid bacteria in order to maintain a natural balance, e.g. in nutrient-deprived fields.

But it is also a good idea to use lactic acid, because they have the potential to optimize our living conditions without impairing the ecosystems. For instance by using them to preserve our food and by support plant growth in our fields.

We see and utilize the inherent abilities of the lactic acid bacteria and other microorganisms and use them in situations, where precisely these qualities are most needed.This way we can use nature´s solutions to live a better and far more sustainable life.

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