Lactic acid bacteria ensure better animal welfare and reduced poverty

At Biosa we are part-takers in Danida´s business to business-program in Nepal, which seeks to reduce poverty. The project has so far been successful, as the collaboration has resulted in improved animal welfare, and therefore a stronger and more efficient production, and all of this is due to the application of lactic acid bacteria.

During the lifespan of the project, our partner in Nepal, Biosa Nepal, has worked to improve the living conditions for the production animals in the country, e.g. among cattle and chickens and hens. Both to improve animal welfare, but also to increase the production in a healthy, natural and sustainable way.

The project has centered on an application of Animal Biosa, a product with lactic acid bacteria, which is specifically developed for animal use, and the results show, that the farmers achieve better animal welfare and better yield. The explanation is that the lactic acid bacteria promote the general health condition of the animals, and healthy animals produce more.

This gives the farmers better possibilities for providing for themselves and for selling at the local markets, while having lower expenses for veterinarians and for the reproduction of stock at the same time.

The idea behind the project is that Danish companies help Nepalese companies in a way, which ensures that the companies create a financial sustainability, and that the Nepalese in the long term can sustain themselves without external support.

Our contribution to the project has been to teach our partner in Nepal to produce our products and to establish an efficient production apparatus.

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