Terra Biosa

Organic soil improver 


​100 % organic
Organic soil improver
with microorganisms
Entirely free of toxins and additives
Available in 5 and 25 liter canisters

A visible effect of Terra Biosa is that the plants 

generate greater roots, by which their uptake of important nutritional substances are optimized. Terra Biosa can be used directly into the soil (bare soil or stubble) as well as crops of all growth stages

Terra Biosa is an organic soil improver, based on a special mix of living GMO-free microorganisms and an extract of organic herbs. The unique composition of microorganisms generates an improved growth environment for the plants by increasing the activity and population of the soil-improving bacteria.

About Terra Biosa


Terra Biosa is based on a mixture of organic herbs and naturally occurring microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, and yeasts).

Terra Biosa increases the population of microorganisms in the soil and therefore the activity and rate of which the organic material is being composted and substances released. Tests have shown that application of the microorganisms that are found in Terra Biosa contributes to a greater microbial diversity, which is essential for improved growth.

Terra Biosa:

- Increases the biological activity in the soil

- Increases the turnover of organic matter

- Improves the nutritional supply

- Optimizes the growth conditions

- Increases the root growth

- Improves the soil structure

- Increases the water capacity



Terra Biosa can be applied directly into the soil and on crops in all stages of growth.

Spreading takes place in March to October at times when there is humidity in the soil. From sowing to 2 weeks after protrusions, Terra Biosa can in strong concentrations decrease germination. Terra Biosa should not be spread in the winter.


Terra Biosa can be used for organic farming in accordance with EU no. 2092/91.

Quality control


Terra Biosa is produced by Biosa Danmark ApS, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. All the ingredients in Terra Biosa are approved for use in food products, and the product is under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

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