Terra Biosa

Better growth conditions for plants

​100 % organic

Organic soil improver
with microorganisms

Contains no toxins or


Available as 3 liter bagin-box

Provide new life for your garden soil with Terra Biosa.
Natural and organic soil improver, improving the soil and the growth conditions of your plants - entirely naturally


Terra Biosa


Terra Biosa is a 100% natural and organic soil improver with natural microorganisms, which improves the microbial composition in the soil around the plants. Terra Biosa can be mixed in the soil, sprayed on plants, bushes and trees, or mixed with the compost.

About Terra Biosa


Terra Biosa is based on a mixture of natural microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, and yeasts) and organic herbs.

This mixture enables Terra Biosa to increase the population of microorganisms in the soil, which increases the microbial activity, composting of the organic material and the release of nutrition.

This will result in bigger roots and increased yields.

How to use it

Terra Biosa can be used for soil improvement, compostation, germination of seeds, for the lawn, fruit trees, berry bushes and plants in the kitchen garden, flower beds and greenhouses.

It is recommended to water with Terra Biosa in wet and moist weather or in the evening.

Quality control

Terra Biosa is produced by Biosa Danmark, who is an authorized producer of organic food products.The ingredients in Terra Biosa are approved for food production and can therefore without precautions be watered/sprayed/vaporized directly on fruit and vegetables, and the lactic acid bacteria, that are used in Terra Biosa, are under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

If you have questions about Terra Biosa,

call Lene

phone 0045 4777 2270

Our client says:

"Large, delicius vegatables and berries, grown entirely natural"

- Bjarne Andersen, vegetable garden enthusiast



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