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lactic acid bacteria

Through development of organic products with microorganisms, we create sustainable solutions for people, animals, and soil
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Welcome to
Biosa International

Biosa International is a Danish based company that specializes in organic products based on microorganisms, and our work has resulted in a wide range of sustainable solutions for humans, animals and nature.

Today, Biosa is a global brand with representation in 30 different countries and a range of more than 15 different products, all of which are based on the idea of using nature´s technology for efficient, natural products.

Nature is fascinating

We use Nature´s own technology to produce organic and sustainable products

Our production is
certified organic

We always ensure that our production meets the highest possible international standards of quality, and we currently operate 6 different production facilities across the world in Denmark, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nepal and Poland.

All our production facilities are certified organic. Find certificates and authority reports below or click the button "Certificates and reports".

ISO 9001 certification

"Micro life and sustainability

goes hand in hand"

Erik Nielsen, Biosa's founder

A global presence

We distribute products to over 30 countries across Europe, South and North America, Asia and Oceania.

Lactic acid bacteria perform a vast array of functions in our life and the world, which surrounds us. They are part of nature´s delicate ecosystems, which ensure life, growth, conversion of organic material and composting. But when nature has such an omnipresent system, why is still necessary to use...

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Vita Biosa

Fermented drink with lactic acid bacteria and herbs

An ongoing Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) project in Bolivia is aimed at supporting small scale dairy farmers in building a more resilient and diversified economy using new sustainable farming practices. And the results are promising.

In the targeted area, many families are dependent on subsistence fa...

At Biosa we are part-takers in Danida´s business to business-program in Nepal, which seeks to reduce poverty. The project has so far been successful, as the collaboration has resulted in improved animal welfare, and therefore a stronger and more efficient production, and all of this is due to the ap...

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Certified organic

Authority control

Syrevej 49-51, Frederiksværk, Denmark

Sonnerupvej 41, Frederiksværk, Denmark

ISO 9001 certified


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