Animal Biosa

Feed supplement

Feed supplement for livestock

Combinable with all types of feed

​100 % organic

Available in 10 liter canister



Animal Biosa benefits the digestion through supporting

a well balanced microbiota

The optimum development of the microbiota is essential in establishing a strong foundation for the animal.

Increased colonization by beneficial bacteria makes the gastro intestinal (GI) environment less conducive to colonization by coliforms, reducing micro-organisms that may have a negative impact on animal performance. The microbiota aid in maintaining GI health mucosa supporting absorption of nutrients for animal maintenance and growth.

About Animal Biosa


Animal Biosa is an organic feed supplement, containing organic herbs, fermented with lactic acid bacteria.
During the fermentation, lactic acid is formed, which gives the product a pH value of about 3.5. The low pH gives the fodder a fresh, acidic smell, which stimulates the animals’ appetite and digestion.

Contains no sugar, doping substances or artificial additives.

Content: water, lactic acid cultures, organic herbs (anise, basil, fenugreek, dill, juniper, fennel, elder, ginger, angelica, chervil, licorice root, oregano, peppermint, parsley, roman chamomile, rosemary, sage, large nettle and thyme).



Animal Biosa may be used for all animals.

Application guidelines

< 30 kg                      ½-1 ml/kg body weight daily
> 30 kg                      1-1½ ml/ 5 kg body weight daily

Animal Biosa also works as a natural and gentle biological sanitizing agent, leaving a fresh odor, to the benefit of both the animal and its surroundings.

Quality Control


Animal Biosa is produced by Biosa Danmark ApS, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. All the ingredients in Animal Biosa are approved for use in food products, and the product is under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

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