Animal Biosa

Complementary feed

About Animal Biosa

Animal Biosa is an organic liquid supplement for livestock and animal feed, using fermented herbs to strengthen and maintain normal gastro-intestinal functions.


Animal Biosa contains fermented organic herbs, and has a fresh, sour scent and taste that stimulates feed intake and the digestive system of livestock and animals. The short-chain fatty acids present in the product boost the mucous membrane in the stomach and intestines, and helps to balancing the microbiota of animals and livestock.

It is organic, natural, sugar-free and contains no preservatives.


Can be purchased in 500ml bottles, 3 litre bag-in-boxes, and 10 liter canister.

Benefits of using Animal Biosa

Animal Biosa can be used for all animals in combination with any feed (added immediately before feeding).

Facilitates feed-change

when transitioning to grass and roughage

Stimulates appetite

with a fresh herbal scent and sour taste

Supports digestion

stabilizing gut microbiota and improves feed conversion

Our customers say:

"Animal Biosa provides peace of mind, good digestion and zest for life. I call it liquid care."
-Annbritt Skytte

Animal Biosa can be used for:


The complex blend of fermented herbs and short-chain fatty acids restores and maintains normal bowel function. The product can be used daily, minimum ½-1 ml per. kg body weight. Animal Biosa can also be used wherever odor problems occur, primarily in connection with pets, but also in mold attacks in wet and basement rooms.

Spray (with a spray bottle, for example) undiluted or diluted with water (1: 1) directly on the animal, the source of the odor (eg catnip) and in the animal's immediate environment. Avoid hitting the eyes. The product can be used indefinitely and does not require the use of a mask, gloves, etc. It is harmless and harmless to humans and pets.

Buy Animal Biosa for pets
Animal Biosa for pets can be purchased via your local distributor or health food store.


A naturally fermented supplementary feed that affects the digestive tract and intestinal microorganisms. It is easy to use and completely free of sugar and doping substances. The complex blend of fermented herbs and short-chain fatty acids restores and maintains normal bowel function. The product can be used daily, 20-30 ml per. 100 kg horse.

Buy Biosa for Horses If you run a stables or you would like to purchase Biosa for your horses, contact us here.


A natural product with lactic acid, acetic acid and extract of organic herbs for use in hives. Can be used in combination with other substances (for example, oxalic acid) if the combs are particularly infested. The product can replace the smoker by spraying hives and runways, for hygienisation for honeycombs and as a biological disinfectant. The product is natural and not harmful to the health of either bees or breeder. No extra safety equipment is required beyond the usual. Animal Biosa contributes to a natural and stress-free care of the bees.

Buy Animal Biosa for bees
You can purchase Animal Biosa for bees by sending an email to us at info@biosa.dk.


Microbially fermented herbs for a balanced microbiota and improved feed utilization. The product can be used daily, minimum 1-1½ ml per. 5 kg body weight. Can be used with advantage as a teat spray and wound treatment (diluted with water 1: 1).
Animal Biosa also ensures efficient decomposition of manure to prevent odor emission and ammonia volatilization. Animal Biosa will thus improve the stable environment.

Buy Animal Biosa for farm animals
You can purchase Animal Biosa in a 10-litre cannister for farm animals by sending an e-mail to info@biosa.dk.

Made in Denmark

Animal Biosa is produced by Biosa ApS, an authorized producer of organic compound feed. The product is subject to bacterial analysis by an authorized laboratory.