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With nature as our inspiration
With microorganisms we can make a difference for people, animal and environtment

"We utilize nature`s solutions to procure effective and

sustainable solutions"

Nature has provided the fundamentals for our diets and solutions that enable all living organisms to digest foods and absorb nutrients. It also has solutions for how ours, and nature’s own debris gets broken down and reused. Nature ensures sustainability through its own fine ecosystems. It is all quite fascinating.


A fundamental element in the order of nature is microorganisms. They play a role in countless processes. We provide solutions with microorganisms and use them in our products, because they are effective, ecological and sustainable.

Our vision is to improve the health of people, animals, plants and the environment, and actively contribute to a healthier and more

sustainable world


Our mission is to create and offer the healthiest products possible for the benefit of people, animals, plants and the environment through the development and production of products based on beneficial microorganisms and sustainable technologies


Eli D. Nielsen, CEO Biosa International

Biosa was founded in 2001 by Erik Nielsen


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