Animal Biosa Bee

Beekeeping without smoke and toxins

All-round beekeeping product

Free from pesticides, chemicals and artificial additives

100 % organic


Available in 3 litre bag-in-box

Animal Biosa Bee


Many bees have been under great pressure in recent years. With Animal Biosa Bee we want to contribute to as much of a natural and stress free care of the bees as possible.

The product is natural, easy to use and harmless for the bees and the beekeeper. No need for safety equipment exept what you normally use.

For daily application for the bees as well as treatment in spring and fall.

Animal Biosa Bee has many applications.
Use instead of the smoker, as a biological disinfectant and to restore the natural balance in the hives


About Animal Biosa Bee


Animal Biosa Bee is a natural product for beekeeping, containing lactic acid, acetic acid and extract from organic herbs.

Through its unique combination of herbs and natural organic acids and, Animal Biosa Bee lowers the pH-value (pH in the product is 3.5), and Animal Biosa Bee can be used as a replacement for or in combination with oxalic acid. The use of Animal Biosa Bee can be used as a supplement in the daily care of the bees and their surroundings.

More about how to use it

Animal Biosa Bee poseses numerous options for application. Animal Biosa Bee can be used instead of the smoker, it can be sprayed on the hives and tunnels, it can be used for sanitation of hives and honeycombs and as a biological disinfectant applicant.

Animal Biosa Bee is sprayed with a pressure sprayer on the inside of the beehive, the whole nest and on the bees themselves after removal of impurities, diseased larvae and places contaminated with mold.

It is important to spray on both sides of the honeycombs with Animal Biosa Bee in winter and early spring. The treatment can be repeated consecutively throughout the entire season, if necessary.

Furthermore it is recommended that Animal Biosa Bee is utilized on the daily treatment with the bees.

Quality control

Animal Biosa Bee is produced by Biosa Danmark, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. The ingredients, which are used in Animal Biosa Bee, are all approved for use in food products, and the product is under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.


Our customer says:

"It is a pleasure not having to spray with chemicals.
My bees loves Animal Biosa Bee"
- Bettina Präder, beekeeper in Germany


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