Animal Biosa Horse

Natural horsemanship

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Feed supplement for horses


Contains no doping substances or artificial additives

100 % organic


Available in 3 litre bag-in-box and

5 litre canister

Animal Biosa Horse

An optimum development of the gut microbiota is essential to establishing a strong foundation for the animal. Animal Biosa Horse is a liquid herbal product fermented with lactic acid bacteria, which can exert positive effects in the animal and its environment.

Animal Biosa Horse supports the feed uptake and

digestive system


About Animal Biosa Horse

Animal Biosa Horse is an organic feed supplement, containing organic herbs, fermented with lactic acid bacteria.
During the fermentation, lactic acid is formed, which gives the product a pH value of about 3.5. The low pH gives the fodder a fresh, acidic smell, which stimulates the horses’ appetite and digestion.

Contains no sugar, doping substances or artificial additives.

Content: water, lactic acid cultures, organic herbs (anise, basil, fenugreek, dill, juniper, fennel, elder, ginger, angelica, chervil, licorice root, oregano, peppermint, parsley, roman chamomile, rosemary, sage, large nettle and thyme).


More about how to use it


Animal Biosa Horse can be used in combination with all types of fodder and medicine and is beneficial for many purposes, as for example

- change of fodder
- loss of appetite
- poor feed conversion
- crib biting

Application guidelines

1-1½ ml/5 kg body weight daily
Horse                         100-200 ml
Pony                           50-100 ml
Foal                            25-50 ml

Animal Biosa Horse reduces the odor emission and ammonia evaporation, improving the stable climate.

Quality Control

Animal Biosa Horse is produced by Biosa Danmark, who is an authorized producer of organic food products. The ingredients, which are used in Animal Biosa Horse, are all approved for use in food products, and the product is under bacteriological analysis from an authorized laboratory.

If you have questions about Biosa Horse

call Lene

phone 0045 4777 2270

Photo: CM Photography

Our customers says:

"Animal Biosa Horse is the best product ever"
- Annbritt Skytte


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