Why choose Vita Biosa?

It is the combination of lactic acid bacteria and herbs, as well as the substances that are formed during the fermentation, that makes Vita Biosa so unique.

Vita Biosa is fermented with 19 different herbs and when the lactic acid bacteria (8 cultures) converts the added molasses * and to some extent the herbs, they form organic acids and other substances, such as amino acids and vitamins. Therefore, Vita Biosa is more than just lactic acid bacteria. When you buy a bottle of Vita Biosa, you get a complete package with the entire fermented product:

- Active lactic acid bacteria

- Fermented herbal extract

- Organic acids

- Other substances formed during the fermentation

The only thing we take out are the herbal leftovers, same way that you remove the tea leaves after the tea has infused. In Vita Biosa, the herbs provide not only taste but also serves as food for the lactic acid bacteria, and in this process converts the herbal substances and fibres into fermented herbal extracts.

Lactic acid bacteria produce organic acids which lower the pH, and this preserves the product naturally, because putrefaction bacteria cannot thrive in such a low pH environment. In this process, the lactic acid bacteria convert

100% of the added molasses, so that the product ends up entirely sugar free. Read more about fermentation here.

Vita Biosa is therefore:

- With no added preservatives

- Entirely free of sugar and also:,

- Free of gluten

- Free of any milk and dairy

Perhaps you're wondering how a product with lactic acid bacteria may be free of milk? Many ask this question because we are used to hearing about lactic acid bacteria associated with yogurt, and also because of the name. But despite the name, lactic acid bacteria does not necessarily derive from milk or dairy.

Read more about lactic acid bacteria.

Vita Biosa is made of natural and organic ingredients **, and the lactic acid bacteria are also GMO-free. In short, Vita Biosa is:

- Organic

- GMO-free - originally produced in Denmark

- Tested at an authorized laboratory

* Fermented residue from cane sugar production, consisting of all the husks of the plant

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