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See how others drink Vita Biosa: Drink a little shot every day (20-30 ml) at the time of day that suits you best. It is easy to take Vita Biosa, because it doesn't need to be taken at a certain time of the day or in a certain way. There are probably as many way of using Vita Biosa in which there are people. Vita Biosa can be consumed at any time and preferably several times daily. Some prefer to take it on an empty stomach, while others prefer to drink it with meals. Many people also mix Vita Biosa with water, juice, smoothies, etc. The only thing you need to remember is that you must mix Vita Biosa immediately before intake. You do not have to worry about taking too much Vita Biosa, because it contains only natural ingredients, and it is not possible to drink too much of it. We recommend that you drink 20-30ml per. day, but if you feel you would like to take more, you can safely do so. We think it is wise to listen to your gut feeling! Not a fan of the tart and sour taste? Vita Biosa has a sour taste. This is due to the combination of herbs and organic acids. If you are not a fan of the sour taste, you can still drink Vita Biosa. You can try mixing Vita Biosa with juice, a good syrup or even liquid honey before drinking it.

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