Fermentation on a large scale

We produce our organic Biosa products with inspiration from nature. Our production is based on a fermentation process, which is a natural process that occurs in nature´s own ecosystems every second.

In short, a fermentation process is a process, where microorganisms covert one substance to another. In our products lactic acid bacteria convert organic material to different metabolites e.g. lactic and acetic acid.

In nature, this mechanism is used by the microbial ecosystems to solve a long range of different tasks, for instance conversion in compost to improve the quality of soil for the benefit of plants, and to digest food, when it is in the intestinal system.

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Large scale fermentation You could say that we merely replicate Nature´s solution, as our production process is exactly the same as in Nature, just in a large production facility and in controlled conditions.

We ferment our products in large tank of up to 8.000 liters. When all the ingredients are in the tank, the process begins. If we take Vita Biosa as an example, the ingredients are lactic acid bacteria, water, molasses (which is the nutrient-rich residue from sugar production), and dried herbs.

The lactic acid bacteria eat the molasses and convert the carbohydrate content to lactic and acetic acid, which ferments the herbs and preserve the product. Throughout the entire process, we monitor the pH and the temperature, which never exceeds 42° C. Regularly, samples are extracted and here the pH is an important parameter as it shows whether the content of acids is developing as it should.

When all of the molasses is converted and the pH is satisfactory, the fermentation process is concluded and the product is ready for bottling. At this point, the product is sugar free. This takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Sustainable production The principal is the same for all of our products. As in Nature, the process requires a minimum of energy and with very little waste of resources. It is not necessary to use any forms of artificial additives, as the products are self-preserving and as the production exploits what nature has taught us. That the natural way is the best way.

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